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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bomber caught, IDF clashing on the ground, missiles ugh

The suicide bomber has been caught in Hod Hasharon before he could detonate himself. Thank you policemen! Roads are now open in the Sharon region as a result. Clashes between our IDF troops and Hisbollah on the ground are looking ugly. Heard a report that we bombed one of the places that Hisbollah stores their funds. Missiles are still hitting our northern region but with less accuracy and are thus hitting fewer houses and businesses here, probably because the ground troops are making it difficult for them to set up and shoot effectively. People in the north are in bunkers (or they are stupid). We are still shelling in Lebanon. My heart is going out to the civilians caught in the middle of this there.

If you want to see what things are like in Haifa and our other regions of late, here is a home video of Haifa during an attack and one of Tveria as the sirens wail and you hear a missiles hit. Warning, sirens are loud.

**Oh no, just read that Hisbollah is firing on Lebanese civilians. Is this true, anyone have any confirmation of this?!***

Updates in a bit.


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