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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An army of female suicide bombers

Now this is scary: An "army" of female suicide bombers marched today in Gaza. They are calling themselves the Army of Suicide Bombers and they burned flags. Yo, fine burn the flags, step on 'em, spit on 'em. Go for it ladies. Just don't go combusting yourselves around anyone else, ok? Flag burning we'll take. I'll lend you my lighter. Becoming a lethal human projectile is soooooooo not ok.

As an interesting note, they burned Israeli flags (of course) and American flags (no surprise there). They've added to the flag-burning reperotoire however. Trying to be all-inclusive they also burned: EU flags, British flags, and that of the Arab League.

Hmmmmmm girls, this is really not the way to be multi-cultural.


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