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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another suicide bomber on the loose

Was just reading Ha'aretz and found that there is another suicide bomber on the loose, planning to strike somewhere in the center of the country. Yo dude or dudette try to stay away from my street this time, 'kay? Thanks. Our police are good (and yes, I did bring them cookies after last time!) and they will hopefully catch him or her before any explodings happen. Will definitely be on the look-out all day.

55 people have been hurt or killed in Qana. Olmert spoke today about it and said,
All the residents were warned and called to leave. There are hiding places for rockets inside the village, and the village itself constitutes a shelter for rocket launchers," the prime minister revealed.

He added that "no one gave an instruction to fire on civilians, and this doesn’t mean that any of us gave an order to fire at civilians. We have no policy of killing innocent civilians. For 18 days hundreds and thousands of missiles have been fired, aimed at murdering innocent civilians in the north."

At least these people were warned to leave and had a chance to leave. Our citizens get no warning. Rockets were launched from this village at Kiryat Shmona and at warning came to our residents that rockets were going to come raining down on them. And so far Hezbollah has launched more than 2000 rockets at civilian targets in Israel.

I am sad about the deaths of innocent civilians. It is tragic. I wish that they had heeded the warnings we gave to them and had left for safer ground. If someone drops a leaflet on you, calls you on the telephone, makes warnings to you over the radio that yo, you, you are in an area that is going to be hit in just a short while so please leave...and you stay, then you have to take some responsibility for your decision to stay and to put your family in the line of fire.


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