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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And on it goes

We are still being bombed by Hizbullah (Hisbollah? Hizbollah?). We are still bombing Hizbullah targets in Lebanon. We are still being bombed from Gaza. We are still targeting militants in Gaza.

Hizbullah and Hamas have both stated, not for the first time, that they intend to extend their attacks into the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. So not only our embassies and companies abroad are on higher alert but also synagogues and so forth. Since they haven't threatened just jewish and Israeli institutions, though, a lot of other non-jewish/non-israeli potential targets in countries outside of Israel have gone on higher than usual alert in recent days. A friend of mine who works in the upper levels of a british banking institution that has branches in the U.S. and also in, of course, Britain, said they'd received a warning to be a bit more alert for any suspicious people or packages near the premises.

The lovely, smart, kind, effervescent Noorster (about whom I really really can't say too many good things) has agreed to take the newest baby baby kitty into her home to love and cherish. She will collect him in a week. I'm going to cover his kitten shots and getting spayed as any good rescuer does and she is going to provide him with a lifetime of love and excellent care. What a good deal for him, eh?!

My apartment is about 1000 degrees. I have the fan on in the bedroom and it is simply blowing hot air around. I went outside this afternoon to stand for a few minutes on the sidewalk in the sun to cool off --yeah, it is that hot in my apartment. I think that this is what is causing my internet connection to go haywire ...the little connection box gets too hot and then goes on the fritz. I literally burned my finger on it earlier when my connection went out and I went to see what was the matter for about the millionth time. Hint: if you unplug it for an hour and let it cool off it will function again for a little while until it heats back up.

My apartment is a disaster because it is too hot to clean. And because I have 6 cats, including very active kittens, to mess things up by climbing things that shouldn't be climbed, knocking things over, and trying to kill one another ...or at least, generally, make it sound like that is an imminent possibility.

Came across a very interesting Lebanese blog today called Vox's Den which is very worth a read.


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