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Monday, June 26, 2006

The worst form of torture:

Dentists. You know, I feel sorry for dentists because they are really roundly hated by almost all of those they help. I mean, they keep your teeth chewing and no one really thanks them for it. I've never met anyone who looked forward to a trip to the dentist. I had better change my outlook, however, as I have many trips scheduled ahead.

Yesterday I got an emergency appointment after another filling (the 3rd since arriving here in August) decided to disentegrate on me. When I called, the secretary asked "does it hurt?" Well, yeah, a bit..."can you be here in an hour?" Uhhh, *gulp* yeah, sure. I'd actually kinda been hoping for sometime next millenium week but...seems if you say it hurts here they fit you in immediately if not sooner. (This is a major change from doctor things in the U.S.: need help immediately, go to the emergency room, wait there 24 hours, and --if you haven't bled to death or something equally bad -- get seen along with a bill that will make you wish you had managed to die before treatment...).

Turns out that my old cheap-o dentist (ie. one of the few in NYC that were covered through my insurance) didn't know how to do fillings. This is why all those he did 3 years ago are suddenly falling out. They were compromised before they started falling out (who knew?) and one of the little teeths has now got to have a root canal as a result. My current dentist took a look at my teeth yesterday and tut tutted about a couple other fillings the bozo had done and said "they gotta go" but ooohed and ahhhed over some of the other fillings I've got (done many years ago). Yeah, well those were done by Madonna's dentist and that man knew what he was doing --and charged for his knowledge (hence moving to Mr. I Don't Have a Clue).

The guy I'm seeing now seems to have a big clue for which I am glad. The temporary I have in now, however, hurts more than the tooth did when it was half-missing its filling. He said to come back in to the specialist (a root canal specialist, already!) on Thursday if I experienced the slightest discomfort but I gotta work so I will gum things between now and thursday after next :) Today I had my teeth cleaned. This is way worse than a root canal. Give me the root canal any day. Not only that, but I have to go back and get a second cleaning done next week. Oh my, I'm soooo looking forward to it. Then, every 3 months after that until the hated braces come off (hopefully in one year --if my previous orthodontist will ever send my records so I can finish treatment). I also have the other two, thankfully more minor but unthankfully quite visible, fillings that have to be replaced. Yeah, I haven't been smiling broadly a lot lately.

Thank goodness for overdrafts, thank goodness for overdrafts :)


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