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Thursday, June 22, 2006

No sheets for you

Sigh. The sheet nazi has spoken. More on that in a minute but first want to point out this interesting article:

Very kewl: Israel appoints first Bedouin Envoy. And this guy sounds really kewl. He's had a very interesting life and his experiences show the complexity and diversity among Arab-Israelis in this country. A Bedouin, an Israeli, a Zionist, a shepard, and a very smart and thoughtful human being.

Ok, now to our regularly scheduled sheet kvetching. I found out today what all expenses the money I got for this trip is supposed to cover. First, it was less moolah than originally mentioned. Second, it seems we are staying in a very expensive place because my share of my half of the room is 100 Euros a night (in other words, room is 200 euros a night --I've only once or twice stayed anywhere on the continent where I paid more than 90-100 euros for my own darn room --usually more like 65, and in quite nice little hotels too). The hotel room is not, as was previously mentioned, being paid for in the same way (e.g., not by me) that the plane ticket was. That means 300 of my 320 euros goes for the room. And that means that the 20 euros left will not cover fares to and from the airport, meals or uh much of anything else.

I also had to buy a small suitcase for this trip as well because my other two are ginormous (you tend to get them that way when you are moving continents). It would seem kind of silly to arrive on a 3 -day trip with a suitcase capable of holding a month's worth of clothes and your stove *grin* and would seem really like, uh, bad to use the other readily available alternative: a plastic grocery bag. Ahh well, I'm only 2,230 shekels into my overdraft this month. Cringe.

I am going to be a very tired camper at that meeting tomorrow (let's hope at least coherent) as I got only a couple of hours of sleep last night since I had to be up and out of here for the first bus to Beer Sheva and was madly getting all the things done that had to be done before I could think about going anywhere. I got home about 7 pm but had to go and pick up cat supplies for the next 4 days so the fantabulous Noorster can feed the little critters. I also bought dinner supplies for me but I think I am too tired to make it. I have to leave for the airport in a scant 5 hours and I still have to pack and shower --trust me, after a day running about in the heat of the Negev everyone on the plane will thank me profusely if I do so. So I think I will be sleepless in Tel Aviv and in Muenchen.

Oh and the prospective cat-girl turned out to be a serious flake who took one look at my beautiful little rescues and said, "they look like cats from off the street." Well yes, that would be because they are cats from off the street --Hellooo? "They won't do at all, I want a white one to match my furniture and it has to have no claws." Well, dearie that is something you'd have to pay for and I hope you don't find one to mangle like that. Match my furniture indeed.


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