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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It looks like the terrible and horrific tragedy that unfolded on a Gaza beach last friday, in which nearly an entire family was killed, was caused by a mine planted in the sand by Hamas rather than by an IDF shell.

But you know what? It doesn't really matter who was responsible for this horrible tragedy. Sure, in the finger-pointing arena it matters, and of course it matters on the international public relations front. But in real nitty gritty human terms, no it doesn't matter.

Don't believe me? Go and ask those little girls who lost both parents and their siblings if they care whether it was an Israeli shell that went badly off-target or whether it was a mine planted by Hamas to thwart any further beach use by the Israeli commandos coming in to round up militants. They will tell you that they don't care. What matters to them is that they no longer have a mother, they no longer have a father. They no longer have their brothers and sisters. What matters to them is that, while innocently enjoying a family outing, their lives were suddenly, horrifically altered. Their world exploded and it doesn't matter to them how or why. Aba and Ema, that is what matters to them.

And of course more innocent lives will most likely be lost in the coming weeks. There will certainly be suicide bombings here as a "reaction" and this will occur whether it was an errant IDF shell or whether it was a palestinian-laid mine. Because you see, it doesn't matter to the people whose business is death either.


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