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Monday, June 19, 2006

I may have a home for one of the kittens! Or, to be more exact, one of the guys at the petstore just 3 addresses down from me may have found a home for one of the kittens.

I often feel like a vet on-call for this little petstore. The two guys who work there are really fantastic (my kitties have benefited by many free toys and even a special plate that doesn't bother their whiskers --who knew? but they all want to eat out of this particular errr dish). Of course, I am one of their best customers as well. These are guys who, every day --even multiple times per day if I pass that direction --call out to me as I pass or, even more often, come out of the store and chat with me on the street. Mostly about nothing in particular but sometimes they have questions other customers have had for them that they didn't know the answers to. Two or three times a week I get a call from one of them with a customer present and a burning question. A couple of days ago it was a young woman who had rescued a puppy only days old (similar story to my kitties --mother dead, the rest of the litter also) who needed information about hand-feeding. I gave her a run-down of the information I knew about feeding and temperatures to keep the 'baby' at and also referred her to my vet since she is in the area.

Tonight when Ran called (about 5 minutes ago) I was feeling a bit put-out when I answered -it is, after all like 10:30 p.m. I'm happy to help out and all but I'm not a vet...and then he sprung the "hey I think I've found a home for one of your kittens!" Oh most beloved person to call me in the world. The prospective young owner has a small puppy (one that will never get beyond being small even when big) and she wants a kitty to keep it company, thinking getting them both tiny is the best integration idea (yes!). She is going to call me tomorrow and set up a time to come and view the kitties and, hopefully, choose one to take home with her. She lives just on Yermiyahu (just around the corner) and wouldn't it be nice if I could actually visit the kitty sometimes to see how it does? Yes, ok, I've become attached :) Of course, I have evil plans of seeing if she would take both boys since they are so close but one will do and welcome!

And I just love my petstore! Call me anytime :)


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