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Friday, June 09, 2006

I am insanely busy. If I thought I'd lost my mind before, I was so wrong, now is the time it is going. Maybe already gone and irretrievably so. Three weeks people, in just three weeks I will have a life again. I will actually have weeks and weeks of vacation in which I can get all the work done that has backed up so badly --the stuff that I'm not doing now with all the things that have to be done now.

Little Girl did have an intenstinal blockage but it was not from the nipple that she ate. She had roundworms and these can proliferate in the intestines of a small kitten and cause a blockage and death. When I first brought the kittens into the house they were too small, having just gotten past opening their eyes (and Little Girl's were not even completely open), to treat for worms in the event that they had them --and the assumption was good that they did. When she swallowed the nipple and I brought her in, the vet did give her the de-worming medicine at the same time he did the enema but she vomited it up immediately (along with everything else for several hours after that). But then of course she improved quite dramatically, I found the nipple in the carrier, and we thought aha problem solved. They were all scheduled to go in for their de-worming this coming Monday.

She was fine over the weekend and on Monday, which she spent at the vet's. On Tuesday, however, she was a little less playful than usual. Rather than doing the rough and tumble with the boys she was preferring solitary exploring and playing. I just thought that, the boys being so much bigger and stronger than her, she was tired of getting bowled over on a regular basis by her sibs. But then Tuesday night things started to look worse and I became very concerned. She was still eating like a small horse but I noticed two things: the pot-bellied appearance had returned and even when eating she was lifting one leg up like a little stork, signally that she had tummy discomfort. She was not playing any longer at all but preferring to sit in my lap. At the 2 a.m. feed she managed to go a copious amount but that did not seem to relieve her. About 20 minutes later she went again and...a long (very long) worm came out. At the 6 a.m. feed things were very bad indeed --she refused to eat and just huddled in my lap. At 8 I put in a plea to the vet to come in early (he opens at 10) and he came in at 9. We were waiting outside his door when he arrived and she was very weak at that point. He immediately gave her more de-worming medicine and when he took her temperature a bit of blood came out on the thermometer. Not a good sign. He gave me a prescription for flagyl and told me to give her the laxative syrup every couple of hours and to bring her back at 5. I brought her home, ran out to get the prescription filled and immediately gave her the first dose of flagyl. After about 30 minutes --she vomited it. Called the vet, he said wait 2 hours and try again. I couldn't get any of the laxatives into her. I put her carrier right next to me as I tried to do some work. She lay down in a little ball for about an hour and a half. But then she kept trying to stand up and walk but couldn't and would fall over. I wrapped her in a baby blanket and held her on my chest, petting her and massaging her tummy as the vet had shown me. She was breathing very shallowly and rapidly. I called my mother and woke the poor woman up at 4:30 in the morning her time. My vet had just closed and wouldn't be open until 5; my mother said take her to an emergency clinic. So I hung up the phone and ran around the house with the kitten in my arms trying to find where I put the emergency number. I called the Rishon Letzion clinic and talked to the vet, but while I was getting directions Little Girl let out a couple of very weak little cries, then had a small convulsion and stopped breathing.

If I hadn't been so busy on tuesday I would have paid more attention to her behavior during the day and would most likely have seen enough signs to tell me to take her to the vet then and there. Being so pressed for time, however, I was just feeding them, helping them with the bathroom functions, letting them play for only a few minutes and then putting them back in their carrier and zipping off again. The boys went in at 5 on Wednesday and got dewormed. At dusk on Wednesday night, Little Girl and I went to a little Gan (tiny park) that has an entrance so hidden away that I walked right past it every day for 3 months without noticing that it led to a little park. I found a place under a small palm tree in the flower garden and next to the wall where it is unlikely any other plants will be put and buried her with a little garden spade. If she had been any bigger I could not have accomplished it.

On a happier note, my friend Michie has saved a bunny and he is very cute.


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