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Monday, May 29, 2006

the U.K. teacher's association NAFTHE has voted to boycott all Israeli academics.

The backlash against their McCarthyite policy has started. I've taken this off of the Engage site: "From the comments section at Professor John Palmer's (The University of Western Ontario) blog:

"Acad Ronin:
1) Any idea on how I can get an honorary afiliation with an Israeli univerersity?

2) Henceforth I will require any UK journal that asks me to referee an article (something that happens about once a year) to give me a signed affidavit that the journal does not honor the NATFHE boycott and that the author(s) do not either."

"EclectEcon (mail) (www):
I strongly support both your points.

1. Those who want to join the IAB should e-mail Professor Frankel at

2. I, too, will require such an affidavit and urge everyone else to do so, as well."

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East have issued a strong condemnation: read it here

Me, myself, I'm utterly disgusted. My mantra today is "I will not rant, I will not rave." So consider yourselves spared --at least until tomorrow :)


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