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Friday, May 26, 2006

The size of my hand

The size of my hand
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If you read my hebrew blog yesterday morning you know that the extremely loud and piteous crying of tiny beastlets somewhere outside my apartment kept waking me up all night. I finally got up at 5 a.m. to try to find the source. I looked for about 45 minutes but was unable to find the kitten or kittens making it. I came back upstairs, fixed some coffee and ....the crying started again. So a couple of hours later, right before I left for work I decided to take one more look.

This time I tracked the noise to behind the wall of a Gan. One sharp-faced and sharp-tongued woman was standing there and she informed me that someone had dumped these kittens off without their mother. I asked if they were going to feed and care for them as they were obviously starving and just as obviously they are too small to eat anything other than mother's milk or a supplement and she informed that no and that she didn't want anyone else feeding them as well. Another woman was there and while the witch was talking she went inside and got a small saucer of milk for them. The mean and nasty woman informed me that I could take them then or take them in the evening but if they were still there in the morning she was going to "put them out of their misery."

I couldn't take them then as I was now about to miss my train. But when I got home I immediately went back. There had been 5 kittens in the morning. I could only find 3. It is my hope that a parent or two of the children at the gan took home the others. Well, I'd prefer not to think of the other possibilities.

So now, here they are. Tiny, vulnerable, heart-breaking. Adorable and sweet. They need a home. I can't keep six cats. If you know anyone....


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