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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Funky mental blocks

These are the things you think of when awake in the middle of the night waiting for formula to cool to feed an infant or several hungry infant kittens---

There are words and related groups of words that I cannot for the life of me remember and they are very basic and necessary words (in hebrew --although my english is going quickly as you may have noticed and isn't being replaced!). For instance, I cannot remember, ever, the word for "sad" (it is maybe ahtzuv?) or any other non-happy word. Ok fine, so subconsciously I don't like any unpleasant emotion. I can live with that so long as it is without the unpleasant emotion as well :)

I can't remember any words related to my job or research. Period. Maybe subconsciously I hate my job?

But tell, me, please, why I can't remember fun words and words I use and want to do (but alas can't) all the time, like for instance "to play" or its noun variation "game." Don't even start with the adverbial form. Hmmmm? These are two words I've looked up more than 100 times. And they elude me. Always.

And yet...and YET, I can remember words I might use once in a year in conversation or writing, if that, at first glance. I mean, tell me, when was the last time you said "I think I might le'ehrov (ambush or waylay) someome tomorrow" Yeah, thought so. Yet this word, among many other useless and uncommonly used things are sitting there in my mind in place of all the words I need to use every day. Go figure.


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