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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Egypt Let That Blogger Go --Free Alaa!

Lisa of On the Face has excellent coverage of the arrest and imprisonment of well-known and pro-democracy blogger Alaa by the Egyptian government as well as links to how you can help to secure his freedom. Check out her blog! I'm stealing repeating a couple of things she notes below because they are important:

A bloggers' campaign has been set up to get Egypt to free Alaa here

Global Voices Online manager suggests engaging in a Google Bomb, meaning you link the word Egypt to the Free Alaa! blog as many times as possible, and you will help push it higher on the rank of Google searches for Egypt. In other words, people searching for information on Egypt will find the link to the Free Alaa! blog. See every time I mentioned the word Egypt above I linked it to the Free Alaa website. You can do it too.

***From The Sandmonkey's site: "We finally have the automatic interactive petition up (Thanks to the Hamsa people), which by signing, gets automatically sent out to Egypt's US ambassador, the egyptian Prime minister, and the egyptian minister of interior. All you have to do is click here , write your name and e-mail and press send. It's that easy! The Sandmonkey has some very disturbing pictures (makes you really want to get active!) of the police brutality of the protestors today in Egypt. And he has a very nice post about Israelis and Arabs, Americans and Europeans all coming together for a common cause.***

Let's get the Israeli blogosphere in full swing to tell the Egyptian government to Let That Blogger Go!

Israeli bloggers taking part in the Let That Blogger Go campaign so far are:
Shalom Israel
Dry Bones
Moving on Up
Westbank Blog
Dutchblog Israel
The Mad Bad Crazee Life of Me
The Muqata
Something Something
Abba Gav
On the Face
Me :) and on the hebrew blog
Do a major mitzvah, good Israeli hasbara, take part and I'll keep a running list of participants here :) You also can list your blog entry and country you are representing on the wiki set up by Mary Joyce or, if you don't know how to wiki, let me know and I'll put the link up for you. C'mon Hasbara!


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