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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Does anyone know how I would go about setting up a donation button/fund thing on my blog for the spaying and neutering of cats here in Tel Aviv (my neighborhood in particular)? There are approximately 45 adult cats that need to be spayed and neutered just in a one block radius --I know this because I feed them. I have managed to capture and spay 4 since I moved in but my budget hasn't allowed for more. The vet --yeah him -- gives me a half-price rate, --150 shekels per cat (that's about $33 U.S. per cat). There is a program for free spaying through the city but "my" cats have been on the waiting list since last november and we now have at least 5 new litters in the neighborhood, not including the 3 kittens I've taken in and am hand-feeding.

A female cat can have up to 3 litters a year, averaging 4 kittens per litter. Think about it. Think about how many kittens can be spared lives of terrible desperation on the streets just by spaying the prospective mother.

Lisoosh, thank you for the fantastic idea of fund-raising for the kitties! Now, how do I go about doing it? :)


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