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Monday, April 17, 2006

Terrorist attack (?) yes

Just a little while ago I heard a distant and muted thud sound, not to disimilar from the sonic booms we were getting a lot of last fall but further away sounding. Then the ambulances that live just around the corner from me screamed down the street. I can hear ambulances from further afield. Was looking out the window trying to see if I could see anything but all is normal on my street with traffic flowing and people walking in the sunshine. Ha'aretz just put across the ticker that there was an explosion in the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood which is close to the old bus station. Waiting for updates. Wait, now they are saying that at least 30 people have been injured in a terrorist attack.

*From Haaretz now, it seems the same falafel stand that was targeted by a terrorist attack in January has been hit again: "The Monday explosion ripped through Felafel Rosh Ha'ir, the same restaurant that was hit by an attacker on Jan. 19, medics said."
*Now they are saying that 5 people were killed in the attack, not counting the s.o.b. who perpetrated it.
*6 killed.
*Just talked to Noorster. Making the "are you ok" phone circuit. She heard the explosion while having coffee. For those who read both our blogs, Lisa is also ok.
*6 killed, another 6 in very critical condition, at least 35 wounded. Both the Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and Islamic Jihad are claiming responsibility.
*Police are chasing a blue van that fled the scene of the attack. IDF troups entered Nablus to conduct arrest raid just after attack and are being confronted by Palestinians there.
*From YNET ticker: one of the critically injured evacuated to Ichilov Hospital has just died.
*Bomber may have been a woman. Number of injured rises to 40.
*Just saw Lisa on tv among the reporters. That was fast footwork to get there girl!
*Damage to the surrounding buildings looks just devastating from the tv coverage.
*Abbas condemns attack but Hamas spokeman applauds it and says it was a "legitmate act of self-defense."
*49 wounded taken to hospital. 7 dead including bomber. Security guard scuffled with bomber before he detonated himself.
*Death toll rises to 8.
*9th victim dies. 66 wounded still in hospital.
*Lisa has posted photos of the attack aftermath.


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