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Monday, April 24, 2006

terrorist attack in Sinai

Heard on the radio coming back from ulpan and our Yom HaShoah ceremony there that there were what seemed like 3 explosions in the Sinai town of Dhahab but when I got home and checked the news sites there was no info at all. A few minutes ago I was playing on my other computer (one not connected to the net) convincing myself I was working when Noorster called. She'd heard from Lisa that there was a major terrorist attack but that because it is kind of a remote place not a lot of info is coming out. Noorster says CNN is reporting 100s injured and an unknown number of casualities. Anyone have more info? Turning on tv now.

9:40 --at least 22 and maybe as many as 100 killed.
Magen David Adom (the israeli emergency medical corp) ambulances are heading to help the Egyptians right now.


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