Step-by-Step: Making Aliyah to Israel

Documenting the very personal process of making Aliyah (immigration to Israel) by one very atypical Israeli-American girl. Aliyah on 17, August, 2005. Roadmap: What do you mean there's no roadmap?! Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride! Ole!

Friday, April 07, 2006

phoneless in Tel Aviv

I just got a call on my land line a little bit ago from a friend of mine (friend A) who said she got a call from a mutual friend (B) of ours saying he got a call from a cab driver --who has my phone. It wasn't that I wasn't loved all day and thus no one was calling me. And it wasn't that I left my phone next to the charger as I kept grousing at myself all day after not being able to find it (I knew I distinctly remembered unhooking it and inserting it in knapsack). No, it was because it somehow fell out of the knapsack in the cab I took to the bus because I was running late. The cabbie had very helpfully left his number with friend B and so friend A helpfully gave me friend B's and her own number (without my cellphone I have no one's number, not even my own mother's!). So we rang off so I could call friend B to get the cabbie's number. BUT-- Of course there is a but, this is my life after all and nothing it seems is ever simple or easy.

---automated message tells me that my account is set to receive calls only (bilvad) and that I can't call out. Of course, I can call and change this with them tomorrow when they are open until tomorrow noon. WHAT? When did this happen? Who said? How, WHAT? And of course I won't know how, why or what until tomorrow when they open. In the meantime I went to send off S.O.S. email to friend A and discovered an email from someone at a university somewhere in the world, ok in this country but not the one I currently work at, saying he or she had called me for something and got the cab driver. He or she also provided the cab driver's numbers (people in this country are seriously helpful!) along with telling me what he or she wanted and then had something in there about hoping I was having fun in Eilat and to watch out for the sharks. Uhhh, maybe the cab driver thought i was on my way to Eilat rather than B.S. (now wouldn't that be nice, vacation!) and passed that along? Definitely not in Eilat. Only wishing I was. Emailed fantastic friend A, she emailed back, and she will call ze cabbie in the morning and find out how I get my lifeline back.

She ended her email with "I sense a blog entry in all this!" Well, uh, ok, yeah :) And obviously cos here it is!

What I've decided is that since I obviously should not be allowed out of the house alone much less near a computer, I need a keeper. An editor. Or maybe I should say a deleter. Actually several. I've given the keys to my blog, so to speak, to a couple of friends from the States and tomorrow to friend A and they have strict instructions that if they see anything that I even remotely maybe shouldn't be saying in a public forum they will delete first and ask questions later. This makes me feel more comfortable. Obviously, I trust these folks with more than my life because I'm trusting them with the record of my life. and, lol, I should maybe give the keys to phishaliyah because as he(ack, ack, slicha, slicha) showed in the parody of my blog he knows me better than i do myself practically.

I made a concerted effort to not come near my blog for the past 24 hours while I thought about what I should do. Wow, when i did come back tonight and read the comments, well I nearly cried. And lemme tell you, you guys, readers and commenters, long-time friends, friends I've gotten to know here -some through this blog and through their blogs-- and friends I haven't ever met yet, you give so much to me. Having you guys is like having a big family. Having you guys has made me feel so not alone when I moved home alone and I don't just think but know has really helped me make a successful klita here. Thank you.


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