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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Magic Cat

Pandy it seems has a magical ability to disappear and reappear at will. She slept on the bed with me last night but at some point got up and...disappeared. I awoke at 7:30 to give her her anti-nausea pill but could find her nowhere. I looked in all her usual curl-up places and a few unusual ones but not there. Ah, well, I thought, she's found a better-than-usual spot and she'll turn up in a bit. So I went back to bed for a little snooze while the coffee perked (got sent delicious double french roast coffee from Central Market and so was actually looking forward to officially waking up). A bit later I got up, had my two cups of coffee, fed the other snarling beasts and still no Pandy in sight. She needed her meds. I started hunting. I looked high (climbed on top of cabinets to see if she was up there) and I looked low (peering under things with the flashlight). I looked in places no cat could possibly be. I looked for three hours straight. And for those who have been in my apartment, you know how few places there are for even a mouse to hide!

In the midst of looking I took some towels out of the dryer, folded them and put them in the empty shelf under the vanity. Of course, I had already well checked out this shelf and all others for a sight of the disappearing black kitty and they were all kitty free. About 20 minutes later, after another foray of looking under the bed (including removing the mattresses to see if there was any possibility she had magicked herself into the only space even a mouse could fit into that sits right in the middle of the underneath of the bed) I returned to the bathroom to wash the grit from the floor off my hands. The cabinet door where I had put the towels was still half-ajar (it has difficulties closing) and there perched atop the freshly washed and folded towels that I had just inserted was Pandy.

How she got there and where she had been before that is anyone's guess! I can assure you, however, she was not in the toaster oven.

The other bit of more explainable magic that happened in my life was the wonderful cab driver who found my cell phone. I finally was able to coordinate getting it back last evening (kind of hard when I have no phone to call him or be called on) and headed out to Petach Tikva to retrieve it. When I got to his house he came out to the cab I taken to get to him with the cellphone and very modestly brushed off my profuse thanks. I tried to give him some reward and extreme thanks money but he pressed it back into my hand, saying he only did what anyone would do. Anyone? Not where I grew up! Then the cabbie who had driven me all the way out there and back to my door refused to let me pay him for the ride when he let me off, turning down a nearly 100 shekel fare. He said he had been inspired by the good deeds of a real tzaddik and wanted to do his small part. I love this country.


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