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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hamas caught smuggling explosives into Jordan

Ok, I knew the Hamas folks are crazy but I really didn't think that they were this stupid: Hamas smuggles missiles and explosives into Jordan and seeks out attack targets. I first read about this just a little while ago on Khalaf's blog even before it hit Ynet or Ha'aretz (the news still hasn't hit the BBC or NYTimes as of writing this). Pretty neat how bloggers spread the news faster than the news media spread the news! Khalaf predicted that this would happen some time ago.

I talked with a boy I'm friends with on the phone today-- his best friend Ariel, just 31 years old, was one of those murdered in the terrorist attack yesterday. His friend had stopped by to see him while he was at work for a quick chat and then headed off to get lunch. S is having a really hard time dealing with this and is going through the kind of irrational but normal feelings of guilt. He said over and over that if he hadn't been so busy at work and had been able to talk with him for just 5 more minutes, maybe even one...and of course there isn't really much you can say to make those feelings go away. He may stop voicing them but he won't stop thinking them for a long while. So many lives damaged by such a senseless act.


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