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Monday, April 03, 2006

almost enough to make me religious

You know the phrase, "G-d moves in mysterious ways," right? Well, there has been a major silver lining in my need to be up 24 hours a day and that is the health of my cat Pandy. Because I was up I was able to give her little tiny meals literally around the clock. Every 45 minutes I'd get out her food and finger-feed (stuff unwillingly) a little bit at a time into her. She was getting her (many) meds right on a completely regular schedule, including in the middle of the night --because when I go to sleep I often sleep right past the alarm telling me to get up and pill her.

In addition to this I've discovered a miraculous product called Nephrocare. It is similar to Ensure which is used for infants that aren't thriving and AIDs patients, being a stand-alone liquid diet packed with calories and nutrients. But Nephrocare goes one better, actually many better: it is for human patients with renal failure and on dialysis. I have to thank Israelis for prying into what others would consider offensive personal and private terrority for this discovery. I was buying a second stock of the Ensure at the pharmacy down the street when the pharmacist looked me up and down and said bluntly , "what do you need this for? it is not for you?" Becoming very Israeli myself I gave full disclosure with abandon. The pharmacist tut tuted about the poor little chatula and said, 'no, this is not what you want. Here let me show you. This is what you want' From the back she produces the magic forumula and explained it in great detail. It has double the calories of Ensure but is low in phosphorous. It has additional B6 (which she, desperately anemic, needs) and other stuff which people and cats with kidney failure don't absorb correctly. This forumla helps them to do so. Best of all, she loves this stuff (vanilla flavoured).

She had dropped from her regular 12 plus pounds (5.5 kilos) down to a mere 3 (1.5 kilos). In just the last week she has gained up to almost 6 now (almost 3 kilos). Not only that, but on Saturday morning she, along with the herd, galloped into the kitchen for the morning meal and willingly ate on her own a whole normal bowl-full of kibbles. A half hour later the seriously fat cat of the house attempted to break into the food supply and she, hearing the shaking of kibbles, flew off the couch and into the kitchen. I had to feed them all then (of course) in the hopes that she would eat again --she did, another full bowl! Since then she has been an eating girl and a playful one. I keep giving her 5 mls at a shot of the high calorie good stuff in between her willing-eating and my finger-forcing. Our goal now is to get her to at least 8 pounds and, if she keeps up with her willing drinking, the vet thinks I can go to once-a-day fluid-giving rather than doing it twice a day.

She jumped on little Matan today when he tried to tag her tail. She chased Buffy and rolled with a cat-nip mouse. She is not sitting in a huddled ball all the time. Cross your fingers that she has turned a major corner.

Matan, however, is in the cat-house. I laid down early this afternoon to attempt a nap between getting back from Jerusalem and immediately dragging the cat to the vet for her shot, and going to meet with students. I had just slid into sleep when the small beast came up and bit me in they eye. Not hard but enough to send me sky-rocketing upright. My eye was tantalizingly visible from beneath the covers I had pulled over my head to block the light and he wanted attention. So much for the nap. And he's been in time-out ever since!


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