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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ya sitting?

Got the lab results back today on Pandy. Ready for this? GOOD NEWS. I spent an hour with the vet talking treatment strategy and going over the results. He was grinning from ear to ear. But, but ---if it is such good news why has she seemed practically on death's door this past week and not eating and not....because it is not unabashedly good news but he thinks we can get her back into really good shape. The non-eating is because her red blood count has fallen a lot. Remember how she had to have EPO shots back at the end of January? Yeah the really expensive ones. She's got to have another round of it. Her phosphourous levels are a bit high now too and so for a week she is having 3times a day pills to bring it down. She is also going to need another pill to strengthen her kidney and heart functioning (related to blood pressure I think). She is going to hate me for pilling her all the time. So where is the good news?

The kidney functioning is the good news. There has been dramatic improvement on that front. When she first went in back in early January, her urea levels were well above 400 (normal is 30). After being on the IV for 3 days, they dropped down to 370ish. Today the level is 177. Her creatinine level had started at 16.5 (with normal being below 2), fell to 7.5 and has now fallen to 3.3. We are looking into seeing if we can get a medicine call Epakitin because a study done at UGA found that using this drug daily reduces the urea and creatinine levels by half and doubles the lifespan of a cat in chronic renal failure.

Anyway the results are very encouraging. I was sitting in the waiting room ready to hear the worst and wow I bounced out of there going wheeeeeeee :)


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