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Monday, March 13, 2006

Oy, a woman with a death wish. She's certainly getting plenty of death threats.

The Purim Parodies are continuing unabated over at The Muqata's. Pop by for your daily giggle.

The vet is getting cuter by the day. He spent an hour and a half with Matan (ahem, yeah decided for a letter change cos I just can't run around calling a cat Moderate. It isn't fair. Especially since he went from one radical extreme to another: from a flying, hissing, screetching and scratching ball of fur to a no no no let me stay in your lap for life kind of beastlet). Actually, he spent a lot of that time talking to me about random things because Matan was in his carrier waiting to get sleepy enough to take blood for the tests --no Feline Leukemia or Feline Aids, yes! Not sure if this means the vet is kinda liking me. We could, Matan and I, have waited that half hour out in the waiting room while he saw another patient. He talks about his dogs, he talks about his cat, not a word about wife and kids. I haven't got quite Israeli enough to say, "so ya married and if not why not?" He had me on the floor when he said, "bring him in next month so I can measure his little balls." Oh and he complimented my hebrew.

Oh and speaking of that, being hebrew complimented I mean, I had a good hebrew day yesterday speaking to all and sundry at many different places b'ivrit. Went to ulpan and found out classes don't start again until after Pesach (ack) so then went back and gave them my number and asked them to ask Mora Gila or anyone other than Ruti if they would be willing to give me private classes until they start back. The woman called me back and said she'd left messages on 4 teacher's phones and hopefully one will call me. At the vet's office, while waiting to see him there was a guy with two dogs that I was talking with in hebrew. Basic chit chat went fine and then we got into an area where I was not quite sure of my verbage and started hestitating before finishing the sentence. "Do you speak English?" he asked. Yep. Turns out he is also an ex-pat who moved here back in 1982. I got a compliment off him too because he said he wasn't sure if I spoke english or not because he couldn't hear an accent to my hebrew but figured out I wasn't fluent when I started hesitating about what to say. Yay. Now would have been better if it were an Israeli-born saying this but it is a start :)

Take part in the contest I started on my hebrew blog! Name the Secular Aliyah Revolution Website! It needs a name, a good name! Yalla! :)

Happy Purim!


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