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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Ema!!!!!!!!

Yep today is my mother's birthday and she is getting younger by the day :)

Today I got a lot done, though still not things like dentist or form 17 or other critical things like that. No, I got a lot of earn-our-pitiful-salary things done instead. I'm quite proud. One grant review down. One manuscript review through the hoop --she scores. One chapter revision done done done and sent off. YES. Something along the lines of 10 million work emails accomplished including a lot of handholding for students of mine from back in the States who are still doing projects with me. Still have two chapters to write over the weekend. Cringe. Plus putting a survey into proper php format for a student (and it is something along the lines of a mile long). Tomorrow I get all my students lovely (mostly in hebrew) 15-20 page papers to grade. Oh what fun. At least I'm going to get a lot of practice, as if I am not practiced enough at thumbing through the dictionary :)

Pandy is having a very bad day. Just sitting. Sitting and hiding. Hasn't eaten kibble one on her own today. Only got on her scratching post for a minute, rather listlessly. I'm worried.

The news isn't that great today either. Terrorists killed an Israeli settler as he was filling up his car with gas today, shooting him at point blank range in the head, leaving his two children without a father. An hour later, another shooting attack was made on another Israeli leaving him in critical condition (see bottom half of same report). Then, a U.N. worker was kidnapped in the West Bank by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. He's a Palestinian and they claim he is a collaborator with Israel and, if they find him guilty, they say they will kill him. He was already arrested, questioned, found innocent and released a couple of days ago by the Palestinian police on the same charges. Let's hope international pressure can be brought to free this poor guy unharmed, though the international press doesn't seem to be covering it. News reports are saying we might be about to enter a new Intifada. Uhhh, so tell me, when did the last one end...?

Ahhh, should have read further. It seems that maybe the second Intifada ended two weeks ago because in the past two weeks 50 firebombs were thrown, compared to 35 in the previous two weeks; 39 incidents of violence or damage to Jewish property were reported, compared to 26 in the previous two weeks, and there were 225 stone-throwing incidents, compared to 200 in the same period. Shooting attacks reportedly rose from 26 to 37 in the last two weeks, and the number of bombs planted from 6 to 15.


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