Step-by-Step: Making Aliyah to Israel

Documenting the very personal process of making Aliyah (immigration to Israel) by one very atypical Israeli-American girl. Aliyah on 17, August, 2005. Roadmap: What do you mean there's no roadmap?! Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride! Ole!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Firas did a give-back to me so here goes with my comments added:

Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.

One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...
And the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes.
(hey how did they know I write about my cats all the time? Must be psychic)

Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with. (yeah, I selectively share with the entire universe..)

You Are 52% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.

Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.

But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.

You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

Your Values Profile


You value loyalty a fair amount.
You're loyal to your friends... to a point.
But if they cross you, you will reconsider your loyalties. (that's right if you cross me I will ...I will force you to cat-sit)
Staying true to others is important to you, but you also stay true to yourself.


You don't really value honesty. (choke. gasp. What? They asked questions like have you ever called in sick for work to get out of work. That has nothing to do with honesty but with like self-preservation!! Where do they get these questions!)

You do value getting your way, no matter what. (ahem, well ok, yes I do)

And if a little lying is required to do that, no problem. (No, no no)

A few white lies never hurt anyone (at least, that's what you tell yourself!)


You value generosity highly.
So much so that you often put your own needs last.

There's nothing wrong with having a caring heart...

But you may want to rethink your "open wallet" policy. (believe me, I'm soon not going to have a wallet to open....problem solved, heh)


You value humility a fair amount.

You tend to be an easy going, humble person.

But occasionally your ego takes over.(Muuahhhhhhhh)

You have a slight competitive streak - and the need to be the best. (slight? ohhhh how far you underestimate little computer thingy you)


You value tolerance highly.

Not only do you enjoy the company of those very different from you...

You do all that you can to seek it out interesting and unique friends.

You think there are many truths in life, and you're open to many of them.

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a firestorm - full of intensity and drama. (kinda goes with my life)

Your thoughts may seem scattered to you most of the time... (and to everyone else too. Someone give that girl her ritalin)

But they often seem strong and passionate to those around you. (read: she's completely nuts!)

You are a natural influencer. The thoughts you share are very powerful and persuading. (You should all send me a million dollars. So, are you convinced?)

You Are 20 Years Old(not sure I can remember as far back as 20)

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

You Are Likely a First Born (Well, got me there!)

At your darkest moments, you feel guilty. (and in the kinda dark, the light...)

At work and school, you do best when you're researching. (and not teaching. Yes!)

When you love someone, you tend to agree with them often.

In friendship, you are considerate and compromising.

Your ideal careers are: business, research, counseling, promotion, and speaking.

You will leave your mark on the world with discoveries, new information, and teaching people to dream. (Ahhhhh)

You Should Weigh 160 (THUD)

If you weigh less than this, you either have a fast metabolism or are about to gain weight. (AHHHHHH, I'm about to gain like 55 pounds you are telling me?! Ahhhhh)

If you weigh more than this, you may be losing a few pounds soon!


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