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Sunday, February 05, 2006

You can get your own cool Support Denmark buttons here in many languages and with other slogans. Hat tip to SavtaDotty

AbbaGav has highlighted an incident that every Brit should read about, not to mention the rest of us. It is about an incident that is just too, too, well I don't have words to describe it so go read Abba Gav's. That man really does have a way with words!

Dutch Islamists post cartoons depicting Anne Frank, Hitler in bed and ya know what? It is their right to do so under free speech. Offensive and disgusting? Yes. Legal? Yes. I don't think we'll be seeing Jews or anyone else burning flags or embassies as a result. Well, let's hope I haven't spoken too soon but, based on past behavior I don't think so. I think we'll see a lot of people saying "how disgusting" but I don't think we'll see many, if any, calls for beheadings.

Imshin, one of my favourite bloggers, has put up what I like to think of as a must read post about attitudes toward our police and security forces. Right on (write on? :) Imshin!


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