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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Unemployment, Arabs, teachers and Israel

Ynet has an article about a new book edited by Aziz Haidar called "Arab Society in Israel." Pulling out some interesting stats that were reported: "Arab unemployment rates are slightly below Jewish ones, but the surprising fact is that amongst Arabs with higher education the percentage of unemployed is much lower than educated Jews: 1.7 percent, as opposed to 4.6 percent of Jews. Even more surprising is that the number of employed, educated Arab women is significantly higher than the number of employed, educated Jewish women."

Now here's the kicker: "But the truth of the matter is that low unemployment amongst educated Arabs derives in (large) part from their willingness to do jobs Jews refuse to do, teaching in particular." You know what, yeah. I see why a lot of people refuse to teach. Look, I teach (and I'm a Jew) but consider this: I have a good friend who is about to enter a graduate program here in Israel and she was told that her take-home salary would be slightly above 5,000 shekels a month. Not a lot right? BUT More than I, me, the teacher of graduate students is taking home every month! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You can read the whole article here
(And can anyone tell me why it is that getting an education is considered so valuable while those who do the educating are not?!)

Something that brought up memories of the old country: the weekly terror alert status. This week, we have 70 specfic on-going terror alerts with 13 pinpoint alerts. This so reminds me of life in Houston and New Orleans in the 80s when the nightly news had the nightly body count. I do not lie. On every station a little box would appear up in the corner of the tv showing the year's cumulative number (usually something like 597 around August of the year in Houston) of murders in the city, while that particular day's various murders were recounted. They finally stopped doing this when they figured out it was, uh, kinda bad for tourism. Yeah.

I need to see a dentist. I have two cavities and they are killing me. I tried calling the Maccabbi number for the dentist section that I was given but could never get through to a live human bean today even though I tried for like 3 hours. Tomorrow I am heading over there myself and saying, "look ya see these cavities, right they are very obvious, those right there in the front. Fix them. Now. Before my teeth fall out. And if my teeth fall out, I swear I will gum you to death." Something like that.


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