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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It takes a village

to treat a cat :) I have to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Hillary who sent me a lot of extremely useful information on Pandy's health and different options that I can pursue in treatment. Here's the Pandy update --she has been alternately "up" and "down" over the last couple of days but still playing:

This morning she ran and hid from me when I pulled out the bag of fluids. So I said, ok fine, let's let the vet around the corner be the bad guy today (vet #2 that I had taken her to). He gave her the fluids and I had printed out the list of things Hillary had suggested and put them in her file --I had planned to talk to Dr. Sigal (our favourite vet here) about them today when I brought her in for the bloodtest this afternoon. He looked at Pandy and said, she seems much perkier but she still has the anemia (you can tell from checking the eyes; well I can't tell but vets can). "There's something we can try to stimulate her red blood cell production but it is very expensive" (200 shekels a shot and she'll need them 3 times a week for awhile). It is called EPO --this was one of the things Dr. Hillary had written suggesting. So I said, "go for it." She got her first shot this morning. I pulled out the list and asked about giving her something like pepcid for the nausea (which causes her to not want to eat or drink). He thought and said ok, let me give you a prescription for it in tablets (in the U.S. it is over-the-counter but not here) and I'll give her a shot of something that does the same thing in the meantime and you can start her on the pepcid tomorrow morning. Yofi :)

I looked at how much of the fluid he was giving her and said, ack isn't that too much, can't she have lung failure from that amount, I read online....No, she can't from subcutaneuos administration; only from giving it too quickly with the IV. I haven't been giving her enough of the fluids it turns out when I have been giving them to her because I've been so frightened I could cause her lung to collapse and also because it is so difficult for me to see how much of the fluids have left the bag --clear bag that contains clear fluid hanging right up and pressed against a white wall makes for very difficult reading. (Some information you get online is just so not accurate).

I called Dr. Sigal as soon as I got home and ran everything past her that occurred. I gave her a full description of Pandy's behaviour the last couple of days and she said, let's wait a little longer to bring her in for the bloodwork. As long as she is doing so well right now we don't want to stress her out and the bloodwork from a stressed out cat looks much worse than from a non-stressed out cat and so we will wait until early next week. She agreed that trying the EPO is worthwhile.

So we are taking things day by day and I am very grateful for the village of vets because having 3 heads all thinking and working on this has meant that what one doesn't think of another one will and so Pandy is getting the benefits of lots of different perspectives and treatments.

The muffin is on my lap right now and I'm about to give her some food and then go and fill her prescription. Buffy goes in for her bloodwork with Dr. Sigal in the morning.


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