Step-by-Step: Making Aliyah to Israel

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I have quite a lot I want to say (don't I always!) but connection difficulties seem to suggest I should wait until tomorrow until they are hopefully fixed. Anyone else in Israel been having problems connecting to sites outside the country today (and occasionally inside as well)?

A few things I just can't resist pointing out. We live in such a wacky world. In response to muslim extremists torching the Danish embassies, the Danes are taking the step of ...cancelling the Danish-Israeli soccer match. Makes a lot of sense right? After all, we are obviously responsible for all the mayhem....just ask Iran. Because, Iran (of course) is claiming that the Jews were really behind the cartoon fiasco and that the (Christian) editor of the Jyllands-Post is really a Jew.

The Anglican Church of England decided today to divest all of its financial investments from Israel because we are the root of all evil it seems.

The Guardian newspaper also in the U.K. has just devoted a full 14-page spread to discussing how evil we are. On page 16 in a small column they noted that an Israeli woman was killed by a Palestinian --their little reference to the terror attack we had the other day.

Now back to our daily insanity.


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