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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Acupuncture. for. a. cat? :)

Before everyone thinks I've totally gone round the bend, let me assure you this was not my idea. Pandy went in to the vet around the corner for her second-to-last EPO shot. He gave her some fluids and noted that she was not as dehydrated as she has been (yes!) although still very dehydrated. He gave her the EPO and the antinausea shot and then was like...would you be ok with trying a bit of acupuncture?

On a cat? Vets do that? We are talking about on a cat, right? Yes, some vets do that, though not many. This vet happens to be trained in kitty acupuncture and so in very short order she had a set of 8 needles nestled painlessly in the kidney areas. Believe it or not, after a minute she started to purr. He also suggested giving her some very light kitty massages in the kidney area at home and showed me how to do it. Interestingly (though I didn't realize this was the spot above the kidneys) I'd independently discovered that she really likes to be gently massaged there now even though she used to hate having that part of her rubbed on when she was well.

When I got her home a few minutes ago she ate 10 kibbles by herself. She had 5 good for your kidneys kibbles and 5 bad for anybody Meow Mix junkfood kibbles (which she loves). Since this is 6 more kibbles than she deigned to eat yesterday (and yesterdays were all Meow Mix) I'm re-adjusting my rose coloured glasses and taking this as a sign of progress. Day by day, kibble by kibble :)


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