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Documenting the very personal process of making Aliyah (immigration to Israel) by one very atypical Israeli-American girl. Aliyah on 17, August, 2005. Roadmap: What do you mean there's no roadmap?! Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride! Ole!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday night:

After typing the update on Pandy (below) I headed out to meet with ulpan friends for coffee down on Rothschild Street at the famous choco-holics spot. Then several of us went to the shuk and bought various vegetables. Kat and Courtney were negligent in their duties and didn't scream "put your money away, you don't need it!" when I also bought a cute light, tight, sweater top. But what can I say, it was orange.

Then I rushed home and changed into nice attire (conservative skirt, sweater) and brushed my hair and then zipped to the kipat cholim. I now have an official "rofe mishpacha" --family doctor. I hired him on the spot when he said he could painlessly get me to quit smoking by this summer. Ok, I'm trying him. We'll see. Maybe the man has a few miracles up his sleeve, no? :) So now I have to go back and have a blood test done and then go back to him in 2 weeks. I also have a script for penicillin for the bite I got from the kitty but he said I may not need it and to wait to see if the swelling has gone down by tomorrow. If it hasn't I should fill it and start taking it.

Oh, really nice occurance: While waiting (and counting the seconds as they ticked by and thinking dear l-rd I'm going to be late, late late) for the doctor I tried to figure out just where in the heck the mother of "the boy" (see post from last week) lives. Her street wasn't on my map --not a very good one, just one I ahem, borrowed from my hotel room when i first got here. So I asked the nice old gentleman sitting next to me if he knew where it was. I was finding it maddening because I know I have been on that street before ...but where in Tel Aviv? He was having the same experience. He turned to a middle-aged man who had just arrived to wait and the man held up a finger and began dialing on his cell-phone. I thought he meant, wait I'll get to you in a minute but have to make a call first. But no. He was calling someone to find out exactly where the street was and how to get to it. Then he relayed the information to me and his directions turned out to be perfect! How nice is that??!

From the kipat cholim I raced to the house of the mother of "the boy." It was just the mother of the boy and me. The boy didn't come. The mother made excuses ..."oh, my son has been meaning to call you all week, he is so interested to meet you, but he has been so busy. He wanted to come tonight but he had a class. He even considered missing the class but I told him no, you need to attend your class." And so forth. Yeeeeeeeeuuuuupppp. Oy. She had made quite a nice little tea for us and was very sweet. I was so glad to escape.

Pandy is definitely feeling better. She mewed and rolled on her back on the floor when I came home. That is a very good sign!

Tuesday morning:

quick update on the kitty: she is home but still quite sick. She has a blood pathogen caused by being bitten by fleas thar has caused anemia and near renal (kidney) failure. She is on antiobiotics (pilling her is proving difficult as my hour long struggle with her this morning showed but that is partly because I am working kinda one-armed) and a special kidney-healthy food and has to be watched closely. Vet bill came to 800 sheks (I nearly cried) and she's going to have to go back in for more bloodwork in a week to make sure she is getting over this. My cats have never had fleas before but in the last couple of weeks I noticed them all scratching a lot. They all have to be treated with some de-fleaing stuff.

I had to get a tetanus shot yesterday and was happy to find that I've gained enough weight to have it in the arm --my first ever arm shot :) The doctor who gave it to me was fantastic. I told her I have a terror of shots and she was like well just look over here and kept talking to me and rubbing alcohol stuff on the arm and then was like, ok. I was ok what? "It's finished." What?! I didn't even feel it and and was still waiting for that horrid jab. But while the shot didn't hurt at all, I can barely lift my arm this morning and it is very sore. I'm typing one-handed because the finger is in a big bandage. I was very proud that I did the whole doctor thing in hebrew :) I have to go back today to get the antibiotics for me because the dr didn't want to risk an allergic reaction with the tetanus shot combination.

I went directly to get Pandy from the kipat cholim and carried her home in my backpack in my arms -the vet is just around the corner. When I got to my building I felt something very wet coming from the backpack. Yep all those fluids she was pumped up with couldn't take the joggling of being carried. Poor little critter. But poor me too, because by the time I got the door open and her up the stairs --damn that elevator! --I was soaked with cat pee from waist to shoes. Not to mention my school books in the backpack with her. So who wants to sit nxt to me in ulpan tomorrow? *grin*


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