Step-by-Step: Making Aliyah to Israel

Documenting the very personal process of making Aliyah (immigration to Israel) by one very atypical Israeli-American girl. Aliyah on 17, August, 2005. Roadmap: What do you mean there's no roadmap?! Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride! Ole!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I owe mail to a lot of people. Tons o' people. I have the promise of boiled peanuts being sent to me and this should be a high priority email --but does anyone know what will happen with customs if someone attempts to send such a thing as boiled peanuts through the mail? I am having visions of customs people looking at the description "boiled peanuts" and calling in the sappers! Also, I have not yet received any packages from the States. This is not to say that packages have not been sent. My mother and a friend have both sent care packages --er like a month ago --and I've not recieved... I looked at my tiny little mailboxlet today and thought to myself, maybe packages don't get left at apartments but at the post office. Then I thought to myself, what on earth would a postal notification telling me I had a package that needed to be picked up look like...and did I get one (er, two) and toss it because it looked like Greek?

I also have the promise of lunch/coffee with a kewl blogger in Beer Sheva and tons and tons o' work emails, but my gmail is not cooperating. It is taking an average of 15 minutes per email to load. So, family and friends, I will get to you as soon as I can get to your emails!


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