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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Since I'm doing photos and it takes a zillion years to get them to upload on yahoo and then to get the links to upload correctly here, I'm putting up a few more. These are mostly photos of my evening tonight. I went to Kikar Rabin this evening for the memorial for Yitzhak Rabin an incredible leader and an incredible man. He was one of the greatest movers and shakers for peace this country, and the world, has witnessed. He was assassinated 10 years ago on November 4th at this very square following a rally for peace.

Gathering at Kikar Rabin
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It was estimated that there were 70,000 people at the memorial tonight by the police but the organizers put the number closer to 200,000. Myself, I estimate that the number was many. Many, many.

The stage
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Unfortunately, my camera, a lovely little finepix E510 given to me last year by my favourite person in the world (my brother, Brett) does not perform well in low-light conditions. So all the pictures I took of Clinton and others on the screen and on the stage didn't come out worth a darn. But you kinda get the idea of the staging area from this.

Lighting candles in memorium
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A lot of people were lit candles in Rabin's memory. There were many impromtu groupings of candles fluttering on the sidewalks close to where he was murdered.

My candle among many others
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My candle is in the second row, 5th one over with the really bright flame because I'd just lit it before taking the picture.

Tonight was a night of both sadness and joy. There was something about standing among thousands of Israelis, especially when we all sang our anthem Hatikva, that made my heart just about want to burst with hope, as the song is titled, and happiness and sadness and pain at the same time.


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