Step-by-Step: Making Aliyah to Israel

Documenting the very personal process of making Aliyah (immigration to Israel) by one very atypical Israeli-American girl. Aliyah on 17, August, 2005. Roadmap: What do you mean there's no roadmap?! Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride! Ole!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've removed my whiney little post (thank you to those who gave a lot of support in the brief time it was up!) because I vented and that is enough. I don't want it hanging around and reminding me --and everyone else :) --of what an idiot I am at times *grin*. Generally I wouldn't let things get to me like that but I'm putting it down to being over-tired and stressed. Tomorrow will be a new day and a better one than today (lol, dear g-d please). I'm off to attack the hebrew homework. My ulpan buddy called and informed me that low and behold I don't have the darn handout because it was handed out on Thursday. I have a shorter version on the same topic (we're all agreed that if we read one more thing about Eliezer Ben Yehuda and his mute-until-the-age-of-4 kid we are all going to scream in unison). So she gave me all the new words for the writing assignment and I'm off to do it.


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