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Sunday, November 27, 2005

I feel like I'm in a Becket play: waiting for Bezeq.

I was blinking again when I got home last night from a really fun party --my DSL light was, that is. Those three glasses of wine made me incapable of thinking about calling Bezeq then. No way was I going to destroy my happy little haze by plugging and unplugging every item in my abode. So when it was still blinking this morning I bit the bullet and called. The 5,000 items were unplugged and replugged, the filter was changed again, the light went green and I had lift-off -- for all of 5 minutes.

I called again and went through the whole regime again including doing 3 modem resets with a pointy object. Finally he had me just plug in the phone and not the modem and did a line test. Hmmm, interesting, it is saying that the modem light is doing something on his end, he tells me, which is not possible since the modem is not plugged into the line. This means something is wrong with the phone line. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What have I been telling you people?!

So the Bezeq guy just left about 10 minutes ago. I had planned to go to ulpan today and, in fact, was even going to be there on time because (probably because of those 3 glasses of wine) I woke up bright and chipper at 6:30. Scratch that plan. When the fix-it guy arrived he was like, "wasn't I just here last week?" Yes, yes you were. Whatever it was that was wrong was wrong downstairs at the main box and not in my apartment. Hopefully. The light is green again at least. He still insisted that the problem "downstairs" had nothing to do with the previous modems dying a terrible death. Myself, I'm sitting here wondering if we didn't bury those poor little modems while they still had life left in 'em...after all, this modem was amazingly resurrected with the fix downstairs and it was acting just like the others that were proclaimed to be toast.

While waiting for Mr. Fix-It I started putting books on the bookshelves that I put together over the past couple of days. I had the idea that these were going to solve my still-in-boxes and clutter problem. Well, five boxes later the shelves are full to over-stuffed. And there are still 3 boxes that haven't been unpacked. Several stacks of books are hanging out in the tiny office area. Clutter (small piles of books and miscellaneous objects that would go nicely on a bookcase) are still, ummm, cluttering. In fact, as I gaze around my living room --we won't think about the office or bedroom, ok?-- this room looks worse now, if that is possible than it did before I ripped open those boxes and started unpacking. How is this possible?

(BTW should have news on Monday or Tuesday about what is going on with mysterious bills arriving in my name)


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