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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

On my way

The car will come to pick me up in just 2 hours and a little bit. I've been up all night. Michelle fell asleep but Chanel is still up and keeping me company after we convinced her to stay over.

My friends had a goodbye party/hang-out for me last night starting at 8 p.m. Buzz gave me eight, yes you heard right, 8, cards. On the back of each one he noted whether it was "cute" "humorous," "sentimental" "sentimental-humorous" or "Caution: Extremely Sentimental" or extremely humorous. I saved the extremely humourous one for last, following the extra-deadly sentimental one. I was glad I did! Good l-rd, I was close to just dissolving. He did not lie when he gave the humor caution, however, and I was nearly on the floor with laughter over the tears. Some friends I hadn't seen in a long time came also from outside the city and it was nice to see them before going.

It was strange. People were making plans to get together and talking about doing this or that activity next week or later this week and it was on the tip of my tongue to say, "kewl, so call me" when it hit me again hmmm that would be a bit hard to make. It was almost a disembodied feeling. Kind of like those dreams where you are standing outside of yourself and watching but not being able to take part or make people hear you or see you. Well, not exactly like that because they were all there to both hear and see me but you know what I mean. Hmm, maybe you don't but it was an odd feeling, I think because occasionally there is an irrational sensation that the world stops everywhere that you aren't and others only pick up their lives when you are with them again and so it is surprising and jarring when you realize, hey they are going right along without me!

After dinner half the party went home (work the next morning calling them toward an early night and bed). Sonia, Michie, Chanel and I went karaokying. It was really fun and we were really silly was 2:40 before we knew what hit us! Sonia, our little doctor-to-be had to get home and try to get a couple hours of sleep then because the poor kid had to be back at the hospital by 6 a.m.

So the three of us came home and Michelle did the most awesome packing job (hey, she put the mover's to shame!) on my suitcase. I can't believe she got everything she got in there and there was still room to spare! Well, there isn't anymore, I can guarantee that :) All those holy cow, this has to go too's after you think you are done. Then she fell asleep while Chanel and I carted out more last-minute trash, I organized my critical documents, and we set up the cat carriers.

Chanel just went home at 6:45 and I went for coffee at Starbucks (halfway through this post). I have a few things left to do --pack the computer, call to have the phone disconnected at 8, call my mother, call Buzz, take the litterbox out and sweep under it. Then carry the bags down.

It still, right now, feels unreal as I sit here. I will probably cry the entire way over (well, off and on) as I do every summer when I go to Germany and leave everything here and when I leave Germany to come back. Still, this time it is different. Wonderfully, excitingly different and also heart-wrenchingly different. And good l-rd but I'm going to miss Buzz. Ok, I'm squalling already, heh, time to check those documents again and make sure all is really in order.

I think several extra jobs are going to be in order to cover the phone bills!


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