Step-by-Step: Making Aliyah to Israel

Documenting the very personal process of making Aliyah (immigration to Israel) by one very atypical Israeli-American girl. Aliyah on 17, August, 2005. Roadmap: What do you mean there's no roadmap?! Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride! Ole!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Minute by minute updates from the ghetto (Michelle says, no our title should be "living with the slumlord"):

The cops are outside again. 2nd time this week. We called them six days ago when we heard a lot of girls screaming for someone to call the cops. So we did. And watched from our window as a guy attempted to beat up another guy with a baseball bat. Just as the cops arrived the baseball bat guy and his accomplice jumped in their car and took off. We gave the dispatcher this info (we were giving her second by second reports) but she didn't bother to relay it to the cops. We finally went down and said, uhhh the guys took off about 5 minutes ago when you drove up (ya know the ones who peeled out...).

Well now it looks like some guy got stabbed in the hand or arm right outside. Again lots of noise and yelling out there and so we looked out (becoming regular little voyeurs here) and saw three cop cars and a guy sitting on the ground, arm covered in blood. Then the ambulance arrived and they started bandaging him while cops with flashlights searched the ground up and down the street. One cop car is leaving slowly. No, wait, another is arriving.

4:09 cops and ambulance and man with now massively bandaged arm all leave.

And we have no locked front door to our building. Yesterday Michelle was leaving to go to the store and seconds later I get a phonecall from Michie saying, "Katie....we're locked in!" I was like What?! Then I zipped down thinking my little friend had suddenly turned into an incompetent idiot unable to figure out how to open the door. But no. I couldn't open it either. We called the slumlord who came over to 'fix' it. About a half hour later he calls me to tell me that he nearly got locked inside too. The lock is broken. The door can be opened with a key from the outside but not inside. So it is propped open with a big sign saying do not close or we will all be trapped inside and die in case of fire. Of course, the slumlord said the locksmith was supposed to come today and fix it and of course no locksmith ever arrived. Probably about the time I move out he'll get around to getting someone here.

Ahhh life in the big city.


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