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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A smattering of life (mine)

This post should be filed under "random things."

I'm now on Box #6. It is still exciting. But I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Already. Somehow the apartment isn't panicking me (yet); it is the office that also has to be packed that is doing that. I was like, how in the world do I have all this stuff crammed in here? And how am I going to get it all packed. But more, where the HELL am I going to put it in Israel? It isn't so much the books (lots) and the journals (lots and lots). It is the data. Piles and piles and oodles of surveys and videotapes and forms and, and, and...and I am required by law to have them in my hot little hands for 7 years. Not 7 years from when the study was run, mind you, but from when the study was published. In other words, somewhere between 8 and 12 years. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

CB was right: the Pimsleur short course in Hebrew teaches you very well how to say "I don't understand Hebrew." I've now listened to 4 lessons and the bulk of all 4 (we're talking 2 hours here) was repeating variations of "Ani lo mevina Ivrit." While this is an important phrase to know, somehow it just doesn't seem like the right concept to be shoving down someone's throat with a program that is supposed to teach you how to mevina Ivrit!

Haven't heard anything about the job. Biting my nails.

We had our end of the year party at school today. I attended with some trepidation. My modus operandi this past year (and some) has been to pretty much fly under the radar screen and I was obviously successful as the number of people coming up to me and saying, "I haven't seen you in ages," was large, as well as a few saying, "what, you are still here?" Of course, there were a few who were 'shocked' that I was leaving and who had no clue that I was only here on a 3-year contract -- I won't go into that. Yo people, where have you been? Yankele made the big announcement to all that I was moving to Israel. Then of course everyone wanted to know what university and I was like well ya see... ugh.

Was happy when the Sr. Prof. in charge of writing the grad student evals came up to me and noted that he was impressed to see that my major grad student had so many publications with me this year. I have to say that 5 isn't shabby in the least -it is more than any of the other grad students have with their major profs (it is actually more than any of the major profs have themselves in a year) and I'm only an assistant prof. I was really happy when I could smile and tell him, "and we just got 2 more accepted for publication."

P.S. Am I self-symbolizing? Yes, a bit I'd say :)


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