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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Packing it up

That's right, I'm packing up my toys and going home! I got my boxes today!! Now this may not seem like a major life event but actually it is. Today, for the first time, it really hit home that my home is going home.

I packed a symbolic first box this afternoon. After reading through all the 'how to pack, label, and list correctly' information (a surprising amount of details have to go onto each box and in a variety of places on the box as well as on a separate master of disaster list) I cut the white cord holding the smallest boxes with a ceremonious flourish. Then I assembled Box Number 1: sfarim, salon, my (many-digited) shipping account number. It sits, filled to the brim with german books, in the middle of my living room now. It has the above information correctly and clearly printed in both english and hebrew on 3 sides of the box. It is sealed correctly in "an H pattern" with the tape that was provided. The contents are noted on the insurance form and the value suggested by Strand for used books (non-textbooks) has been filled in. The contents are further listed on the Master List, and also (with some additional details --i.e. not critical to open immediately) on the My List.

It sits there making it quite clear that I am MOVING.

Be warned, from now on I'll no doubt be bitching and whining about all the packing and the hassles of where to put what, and do I take it or not, and it won't fit, and "what the hell is it?"s. Not to mention that I haven't got much space to stack packed boxes! Today though, moving is fun, exciting, inspiring and really happening!


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