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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Not so good neighbors

For those who don't understand how it could occur that the IDF would shoot three Palestinian boys who were in a militarily restricted zone and who did not heed warnings to stop, perhaps this event that occurred today will explain it: Another boy-bomber caught (the fourth child to be caught this year, this time with 5 pipe bombs). Officials became suspicious because he was wearing a heavy jacket despite the heat. When told to remove the jacket, he attempted to detonate himself and those around him but was overcome. He is 15.

As for the 3 boys who were shot, they were not playing soccer nor just boys being boys and being daring and playing in a forbidden area. Their 2 companions who fled were picked up by the Palestinian police (note, not the Israeli police or IDF but the Palestinian police) to whom they admitted to being arms smugglers --this is why they were in the area they were in. You can read the report here .

Personally, I think a heck of a lot of people should be screaming about this: Woman walking with Fiance brutally murdered by Hamas' Decency Squad in Gaza. See, it's ok for little boys to be trained to kill people and aid in the killing of people but it is not ok for a young woman to commit the heinous crime of walking on the street with a man she is not yet married to and who is not her father or brother, even though accompanied by her sister. It is ok to kill her and beat her body until she is no longer recognizable as a human being because of this incredibly immoral act. This is a real crime. How dare the IDF shoot at someone who is only trying to bring death and destruction to others.


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