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Monday, April 04, 2005

fridge it or idjit

Daylights savings time started today? How did I miss this fact? Thankfully, even though I was a half hour late (thinking I was being soooo early) to the Israel real estate fair sponsored by the Aliyah Center, so was the owner of Strand Shipping. He too had spaced the time warp!

I got a ton of information about the ins and outs of schlepping over my stuff and have definitely decided to go with Strand for the move. I was thinking about going with Kef but nope, I'm sold on Strand now. They add that personal touch. On Thursday he will be coming by my apartment to assess how and in what my stuff will get schlepped. (20 foot container vs a couple or 3 crates...). He seemed to think 2 crates should do it but he hasn't seen my book collection. Sigh, and to think I donated something like 600 books to the local library last september.

Ahhh people living in Israel I need your help: do or do not most rented apartments in Tel Aviv come with a fridge?

Very conflicting info on this has come my way, with my roommate and several other people claiming that otherwise unfurnished apartments for rent do usually have a fridge (but often not a stove). Other people (including the real estate apartment-finder people I talked to today) said NO, they don't generally come with fridge. Since I am meeting with the "we sell wonderfully perfect for Israel appliances" people next week and since everyone seems to agree that if you buy a fridge buy one here and ship it, I need this information!

Show of hands for buy the fridge now please, show of feet for don't be an idiot...


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