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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

now I know...!

We got our mid-terms back today at the end of class and I knew it was a good sign when Shiri called my name and started waving it enthusiastically as she brought it over to me. A 90! With Kol Ha'Kavod written in big letters! Holy cow that is an A-(barely but one nonetheless) and the average for the class was an 85 so I felt really good. I even felt good after I realized that a full 4 more points would have been mine had I not mangled the spelling of words I _know_ how to spell. But, to be honest, on the little baby essay questions (like write 4 sentences explaining...) she only took off half a point for both and there was a lot of red there. I wasn't so honest that I pointed out to her that she probably should have taken off more there...

I'm preparing for combat with my roommate. I have a strong suspicion that we are gearing for an argument from a conversation earlier today and I plan to be very Israeli all over the boy's a**.

Hmm, what else. Well my teeth feel like someone has put them on a wench and is torturing me slowly: yes got those good old braces tightened today. I missed my appointment last month (totally forgot about it) and had a broken bracket. My orthodontist asked me when the last time was that I had "my bony butt spanked" and suggested he might have a go at it if I don't get with the program with the braces. I really don't want to call tomorrow to tell him that the new bracket he put on this afternoon already broke off (all I ate was a cookie!).

After cavorting around in a t-shirt yesterday with the wonderful spring weather, today we were blessed with an unpredicted blizzard. They said we'd get some rain. Well, we had driving snow and ice and it was _freezing_ beyond belief. When I left this morning it hadn't started doing anything but a bit of rain and so I grabbed a light jacket. Thought I was going to die. The wind was blowing so hard and it was so cold that I decided I'd save my life and take a taxi home from school tonight rather than walk the 8 blocks between subway stations and home but I couldn't get one for love nor money. So I froze for 10 minutes trying to get a cab and then froze on the walk(s).

Still, frozenated and teeth screaming at me mercilessly and all, that Kol Ha'Kavod just made my day!


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