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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Some days are just good...

and today is one of them. I sent off (finally, finally) my Nefesh B'Nefesh application. Express mail, of course, because I'm paranoid that it won't get there by the 28th (hey, getting better on the procrastination level here maybe because today is not the 27th :). Everyone cross fingers, toes, and eyes please!

Got my tax forms back from the CPA today too and, rather than the 2K he thought I would owe, I am getting a small refund! Last year I owed the govt almost 4K, so whew what a relief and a half! I encourage people to use a real accountant and not H & R Block --so ok, thank you to NBN because if I hadn't had to have a CPA sign off on that financial statement I would have gone to H.R. again and now even if I don't get chosen for financial help they helped me indirectly (and btw, H & R Block charged more than the CPA did).

Finally, that major chapter that I have due on March 1st is still due on March 1st but I suddenly remembered this morning that a couple years ago I had agreed to and written an article for an edited book deal that never materialized and I never got around to re-packaging it for another venue. I had intended to do a bit of updating and then submit it to a journal I had in mind. But if someone isn't screaming deadline at me these "do it at your own initiative things" just don't tend to get done --mainly because I have too many people screaming deadline! at me. I took a look at it over coffee this morning and realized HOLY COW this is pretty much exactly what I had planned to write and cover for this chapter. So, a few changes here and there (2 days' work at a max), a bit of updating to highlight my newest data, and voila one 40 page chapter will be ready to send off. A nearly painless experience.

And I had a good Hebrew day to top it all off.


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