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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mean girl

I get the mean award of the week this time. I was mean to my roommate (yes, he's a shit and usually deserves it but this time it was unprovoked meanness on my part). I don't know why exactly, but I was feeling really irritable. Actually, I didn't know I was irritable until I had contact with him and my reaction clued me in that, hmm I must be feeling like a machshefa. It was kinda surprising too because I didn't really talk to any other humans except for my friend Michie on the phone today and that was a nice conversation.

When he got home he gave me $80 in cash toward the 7 months of dsl service. Ok, finally but at least he paid up. You'd think I would have been happy. Then he told me he'd talked to the electric company (because I hadn't "taken care of it" --that is probably what set me off come to think of it: I'd called them 3 times over the past few months --at an hour holding time a shot -- and each time basically they'd said look, we realize your monthly bill is double what your old apartment bill was and it is high but it is also in line with the amount of the bill of the previous tenents in this apartment and so it is probably the inherited refridgerator that is working at less than efficient and sucking up your kilowatts.). Anyway, they suggested to him that we turn everything off for a period of 15 minutes and check the meter before and after and see if something other than what is on in our apartment is drawing electricity (i.e., neighbors, building heating system). So ok this sounds fine to me but he wanted to turn everything off for the entire night _or for 6 hours tomorrow_ because "15 minutes isn't going to tell us anything." Then I was mean.

I won't go into details of all I said but suffice it to say that I was rude, bitchy, snarky and even stooped to going off-topic to criticizing the hideous combination of clothing he'd somehow managed to put together from his seriously bad wardrobe (he needs the Queer Eye folks badly) as well as other unrelated issues. Oh yes, and he'd actually purchased toilet paper yesterday and so I thanked him for that in the most ungracious manner possible (way to go Kate, he'll be sure to run out and buy another roll real soon) by pointing out that this was certainly a first and what had happened to him, did someone hit him on the head and adjust his personality or was it a one-time fluke? Ahem yes. Ahem.

I did apologize. And I agreed to shutting everything off tomorrow for a period of two hours (which I still think is ridiculous and a major inconvenience but so be it). LOL, and I definitely shocked him, he was like "why are you being so mean? I've never seen you act like this before." I won't say he didn't have a taste of his own medicine coming but I will say that I certainly could have picked a more appropriate occasion for giving it to him.


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