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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snow! Lovely snow!

It is snowing and snowing and snowing outside. Not just little flakes but nice big wet ones that are sticking in a serious way. I just got back from slipping and sliding my way down the street to the Amish market to pick up some cans of tomatoes -when having a blizzard, cook soup! I'm making a BIG pot. I'd say, from the foot slippage experience, that we've gotten a good 3-4 inches so far here in the city. I wish shops and doormen wouldn't shovel the snow off the sidewalk: it only makes those areas the most slippy and treacherous because the water residue freezes into ice and there is always just enough snow starting to cover it that you reaaaalllly slide.

New York City is beautiful when it snows. Just really exceptionally beautiful. And so quiet! Traffic is moving along smoothly (looking out my window right now at it) and with fewer cars than usual but the layer of snow on the street mutes everything. All the dirt and trash is covered over by a lovely layer of white. Now tomorrow it will be different story as feet and cars turn the snow to a muddy, ugly brown but today ...ahhhh.

If ya wanna see what it looks like relatively close to my little apartment, there is a live webcam showing Times Square here. I live in Hell's Kitchen (somehow that seems appropriate to me --especially if this soup doesn't turn out) just a couple blocks west of ye old square.


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