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Thursday, January 20, 2005

G-d punishes and rewards...

I woke up at the ung-dly hour of 8 a.m. this morning in order to get ready for my second day of classes, drank an ung-dly amount of coffee in an attempt to pry my eyes open enough to do the homework (yes already procrastinating), did the homework (badly), and then checked my email before getting ready to run out the door. "YES! Thank you G-d!" --there in my inbox was notification that my hebrew class was cancelled today. I would be spared the mortification of sounding like a complete idiot if called on for one more day.

Not long after doing my celebratory dance around my bedroom, a guy from my hebrew meetup (no, not the cute one I met in Tel Aviv -- did I mention that he is cute? Oh yes he is!) called and asked if I wanted to get together this afternoon to do a bit of study and practice. Feeling somewhat guilty about being so very happy not to have class and knowing I need the practice, I said sure thing. Being an idiot in front of 1 person is much easier than in front of 30. He said he was bringing along some things for us to read in "easy hebrew" and he thought I would enjoy it.

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong but ...ARCHAIC HEBREW WRITTEN 600 YEARS AGO is not what I'd call easy. And secular girl here does not particularly find reading and discussing religious tracts for two hours terribly enjoyable. The guy who wrote it did so anonymously in order to avoid the sin of loving honour too much and being prideful --so the introduction said. At least, I think that's what it said. Personally, I think he did it out of embarrassment. And because I was such a good little girl and bit my tongue, smiled and nodded for 2 hours, my Jehova's Witness --oops, I mean conservative (conservadox?) --little friend gave me some nice literature to take home with me (in english, thank G-d) and only twisted my arm about thinking about thinking about attending synagogue(conservative of course) for 20 minutes after we closed the book.

So walking home I was trying to decide if G-d was punishing me for being so ecstatic over missing the class or because She observed that celebratory dance and was expressing Her opinion that I really do need those Hip-Hop lessons.

However, I have to conclude that G-d is merciful and looking out for me because when I got home and checked my email I found a note from my childhood Rabbi (and later my professor) saying he'd written me a letter of recommendation for my Nefesh b'Nefesh application.

On the off chance that G-d is reading my blog, I hereby promise that if my application gets accepted I will hie myself to the nearest synagogue on the first Shabbos after I find out. And I'll actually _go_ to those hip-hop classes. So please...:)


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