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Sunday, December 12, 2004

glad I went

There was a Chanukah party tonight and I almost didn't go. A girl in my class invited me several weeks ago and I said sure at the time but then I really did not want to go tonight. It's not that it is the effort it takes to get a bit dressed up or anything, I'm not sure what it is, but it always happens: right before I should leave, I'm dressed even, I decide well maybe not...why not stay home where it is nice and comfortable? I don't really want to go anyway, right, I probably will have an awful time I'm convincing myself...and a lot of the time I never do get out the door. This time I did finally get out the door (an hour late, of course) and I had a really good time and was glad I went. And this was despite the fact that I only knew one person there (the hostess) and I don't really know her all that well. But I met a lot of really interesting people tonight. I shmoozed with the best of them. And I got to eat incredibly good sushi that was hand-made before my eyes, cheesecake that was to die for, and had some kahlua-and-somethingy drink that immediately made me a bit tipsy even though the bartender promised he was only putting in a little bit of alcohol. I promised myself when I left that I would just go and stay for a polite one hour and then make my escape. Well, 5 hours later I am just getting home.

And this always happens too: once I go I almost always have a really good time. So why isn't there some kind of learning curve here? You would think I would think to myself, wow there's a shindig tonight and I always have fun at these so yalla, let's go. But no. I feel angst, dread, a wish to avoid, avoid, avoid when there is absolutely no reason to feel that way.

Well, I have another party tomorrow night and I am going to look forward to it. And at this one I will at least know everyone and their dog (literally --they have several pooches that are generous with the smooches --hmm note to self, remember to wear slobber-proof outfit) .

On a different train of thought, what do people _do_ to be able to live in an incredible, big, two-bedroom-with-a(real)-fireplace, doorman building one block away from the Metropolitan Opera? Not to mention the catering that went into that party. R is in school and I think she is about 30. She had mentioned that her husband was a "bit" older but I wasn't expecting Methusala. He's pushing 65 if he's a day. And what on earth does the man do? Can I do it too? Lol.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Rinat said...

Hi there! :)
I'm really glad you're on your way home. Do you already know where are you staying? Ulpan, Merkaz Klita? If you need anything, I'm serious... You can write me!
Good luck!

At 7:05 PM, Blogger Yael K said...

Thanks Rinat! I'm really hoping I'll get to meet you next year --after following your blog you already feel like someone I've known for a long while. I'm hoping to be in Tel Aviv but not sure yet what the living arrangements will be. I've heard Ulpan Gordan is really good and so I hope to get in there ---but I'm open to any ideas and suggestions.

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