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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Tomorrow in Tel Aviv

Well, more accurately, tomorrow I leave for Tel Aviv for a pilot trip but I don't get there until Monday. And I am nervous. And excited. And I am sooo not looking forward to spending 16 + hours in an airport and on a plane.

I had planned to be so organized with this trip. Make appointments to see this agency and that, talk to this person and that, see this friend and the other one, but, here it is on the eve of departure and I am not organized at all. I haven't even packed. Part of it is that I have come down with a cold from hell (soooo looking forward to being on that plane --and I'm sure my seatmates will be equally thrilled as I cough and sniffle my way across the ocean). Part of the reason is that, while I am never terribly organized my friends are even less so --"yes, call me when you get in and we'll go out, we'll have coffee, you have to meet a friend of a friend of mine who knows someone who might be able to help you on the job front but we'll work it out when you get here." Ok fine, but I have an _itinerary_ (sort of) and I have to manage to fit in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, and people and places in between and I only have 8 days. So, in short my itenerary has turned into: arrive in Tel Aviv on Monday and then....? Well, I have nailed down (mostly) next Friday morning-Sunday afternoon in Haifa (are people who live in Haifa just of a more organized state of mind? My roommate, who is from Haifa says no, it is simply because people in Haifa have no lives and can afford to be organized but personally I disagree --especially as it is quite likely that I will end up in Haifa when I move next summer).

And that is really the major purpose of this trip: deciding where to live. I know where I want to live but I also know that Tel Aviv is a really expensive place to live and I am really not sure I can afford it on the paltry amount of savings I'm going to be bringing with me. So, Haifa is probably the next choice. I will definitely need to be someplace where there are job opportunities. What kind of job I will be qualified for though, I have no idea, and that _that_ is scary. The thing is, since I am not making the move until next August, now is too soon to really start looking into the whole "getting a job" aspect or so I'm told. I will need to make another trip over in June or so, to start that ball really in motion (along with finding an apartment to rent, etc). But, because that is really the only major worry I have about making this move (hey, with time I can learn the language, make friends, get integrated but if I can't afford to eat or pay rent then I won't be able to do any of that) I want to start now, yesterday.

Speaking of starting, I'd better start packing. Now where is that beged yam? :)


At 11:13 PM, Blogger Rinat said...

Ahalan! Bruchaa Habaa laaretz!
Found you because of "Celestial Blue". Don't be afraid, it's gonna be all right. I made my way up from Brazil 2,5 years ago and I'm fine here. If you need any help, keep in touch. I live in Jerusalem!
Good luck,


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