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Monday, November 29, 2004

My last day in Tel Aviv

I don't want to go home. I AM home. Coming here again has strengthened my resolved that this is really and truly where I belong. On the other hand, being here and talking with friends has scared the ever-lasting hell out of me as far as the job front.

Well, what did I do with my last day? First, I think I fed every single cat that walks the streets of Tel Aviv, and there are a LOT of them. See one cat, shake a bag of cat food and suddenly one cat has multiplied into 6, 8, 10, all crying, terribly skinny, and dirty. There are lots of people feeding them but the problem is just that there are so very many. I started out with a 10 pound bag of food this morning (oy, my back) and within 2 hours had distributed it all. I will definitely have to budget in feeding the local group of cats whereever I end up moving in addition to my own (plus trapping and having them spayed and immunized). I can see it now, I am going to be one of those crazy cat ladies (cat girls?) in charge of 200 cats or something. But ma la'asot? I can't just let them starve.

I did some last-minute shopping at the shuk (found 2 sweaters for 20 shekels each that are just lovely!) and walked and looked and looked and walked. And I talked b'ivrit a good bit, even surprising myself some. Of course, half the time I had no idea exactly what was being said to me but mostly I got enough to answer at least semi-intelligently and not resort to english.

My flight goes at midnight so I am waiting out an hour or so here at an Internet cafe. I am definitely going to have to go on a diet when I get home. I've eaten so much this past week I am about to burst out of my clothes. There is no better food (and such a variety!) than what you can get in Israel. I don't usually eat breakfast or lunch but I've been doing both here plus snacks in between!

Oh, did I say that I went swimming in the ocean last Thursday? Yes, I am nuts! The air was really cold but the water was soooo warm and we had a few hours of really nice warm sun and I couldn't resist. I was in Netanya and, well, there isn't much else to do in Netanya than swim :) Oh, and I met the father of the very famous photographer (spencer) who takes those pictures of large groups of naked people when I was in Netanya. He came and sat down and chatted with me at a cafe and was really funny.

Well, I better post this before my time runs out on the computer. Sigh, tomorrow in New York :(


At 1:32 AM, Blogger celestial blue said...

Glad to hear you are sure of your decisions now, and your fear so far as a job is probably MY number one fear about making aliyah too. If you have friends there, you have connections. And connections help.

I also spent time feeding the cats when I was there in August/Sept. I think those of us who have cats at home are heart broken to see them there. They are so sickly and so many.

Oh and when I left on my last trip, tears welled in my eyes as the cab took me to the airport. Sometimes I wonder if I left my heart there...
I hope to go back next year, for the third year in a row.

Enjoy your stay and share everything with us!


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